Singer, Dancer, Artist

Julia McCallion was born in Bremen in 1996 but is now known as the Pop/Hip Hop artist RADD.

The daughter of German/British parents grew up bilingually and with masses of music, in Bremen. This is mirrored in her latest songs which are bursting with international

spirit. When she was ten years old her father played her a video of Madonna’s “Confessions

Tour” from then on it was clear that that was it!!! From that moment on the target was set – the stage.

During her years at school she set the first pillars for her musical career, whether through singing, dancing or with her own dance crew. The main thing was MUSIC!!! As an aspiring performer she used every opportunity to be on stage. In her young years she was already a self made power woman!


In 2022, she traveled between Hamburg and Los Angeles in order to finish and record her new songs together with producer Jeeve Ducornet and songwriter Craig Desilva. In addition, she has been working in Hamburg on new songs with producer Holojay.

In 2023, apart from numerous singles she also published her first EP “I Want It All”. To celebrate the release she organised a sold out release concert in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn and delighted her fans with her own self designed stage show.

In November 2023, it is planned to publish the Holojay Collaboration EP “Too Bad For You” .

One thing is for sure, RADD knows exactly what she wants!

The singer’s message is clear – be yourself and believe in yourself!

She describes her music like this:

“With my music, I would like to give my listeners a total Empowerment Soundtrack full of self love, ambition and energy”

Expectations are high, as one thing is for sure: just as with herself, her music will never be inconspicuous and quiet, but will always hit you as if a bomb has been dropped!

In Prague, at the age 15 years old, she recorded music for the first time as well as making the accompanying music video and all financed independently through giving dancing lessons. This tireless dedication and discipline is an integral part of her current character and of her songs.

In 2012, when she was just 16 she performed at the Kick Box World Championships in Bremen with her interpretation of the Pink song “U+Ur Hand”!
In spite of her musical idols being Pink, Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, RADD’s highest priority is to maintain her own individuality in all she does. It is also really important for her to reach people who are not heard and to give them a voice with her music!

In 2014, she moved to Hamburg and since then has been working with several national and international artists, songwriters and producers on a host of different projects.

In 2018, she was invited to Los Angeles for a musical project and re-discovered her roots in Pop and Hip Hop. The decision to break new ground with her stage name of RADD was taken.

In June 2020 she released her debut single “Loco” which was followed by a second called “Trippin” (released by Ingrooves Music/Universal) and also produced two music videos for these singles.

Her debut single was released by the Mexican DJs/Producers Jerry Davila and DJ Pelos as an EDM Remix and reached No. 1 straightaway on the Mexican EDM radio station beat100.9FM.